Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Under the Weather, With Skates!

So sorry to be quiet! I've been sick since last Tuesday... UGH! I just can't seem to shake it. It's DOUBLY annoying because my sister dropped off her quad skates on Tuesday AND Eric (my baybeh Daddy) remembered that he has elbow and knee pads stored away.

So yeah... it's going to be hard to not get out on these skates... ESPECIALLY in this gorgeo-so weather!

Anyhoo - behold! My son, Magnus, channeling his inner baby demon:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


© 2007 girlhula

What to buy, what to buy? I don't have the money for something super-nice right now, but I'd like something sturdy and comfy. Any thoughts, anyone?

Also, there's something super awesome in the works... stay tuned! This blog might go to a whole new level. Woo hoo!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Small Improvements

© 2006 jim nice but dim
I'm trying to implement small changes to my lifestyle that'll eventually build up to bigger things, food & exercise-wise. And, I'm starting small. REALLY small.

What I've done so far this week:
  • took the stairs (down)
  • switched from a footlong Subway sub to either a 6" sub or a bagel sandwich
  • an apple with every lunch
  • only 3, 12 oz. Diet Cokes while at work (as opposed to almost 6 as of last week)
The next things I'd like to do:
  • vegetables with lunch
  • take the stairs (up)
  • make all of my breakfasts and lunches on Sunday for the week
  • drink more water
Hey... gimmie a break (theoretical judgmental reader). This sort of thing is super hard for me.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Quest For a Name I

I know I have a long way to go, but, I get off on pondering things like this. Since I'm in the medical & art fields, I want something related to that. Post your ideas, please!

And, of course, there's an internet generator for this:

Er... another generator (and an article):

The ultimate list of Derby names (I hear that it's very uncool to copy):

The Obligatory Wikipedia Page + Flat v. Banked Track
As always, taken with a grain of salt. But! It gives a little of the sport's history and the modern-day sensation that derby has become.

Because the Derby Dimes play banked track as opposed to flat track, I thought I'd start researching what folks think about the two. Here's a smattering:

"As a fan of derby and a journalist, I find the flat track game a much more intimate experience... The fans here like the flat track derby because the action is right in front of them and they can get more involved in the action. You don't have to sit fans in elevated seats in order to see anything and fans can be more involved (such as coming to the trackline after a bout and congratulating the winning team)." - Michi-chan

"Learning to master a banked track is an art in itself. The track allows skaters to reach much higher speeds than skaters who race on flat tracks. This is also why bike tracks and race car tracks are banked. Tracks, if constructed properly, will have some give to them, allowing a skater to attempt more high risk maneuvers."  - Jim Fitzpatrick 

More commentary can be found here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Greetings and Salutations!

I just had a son. Four months ago, I had a little boy and he's amazing. I was never a baby person and I never envisioned myself having kids. Then I met (well, re-met - more on that later) my husband and that little light bulb went off in me. Fast forward almost seven years and viola!

So, pregnancy took a sizable toll on me physically and I weigh more than I ever have before. I had close to zero motivation to do anything about it until tonight when I watched "Whip It" again for the umpteenth time. I had thought about trying out for roller derby a year ago but my life was too up-in-the-air at that time - starting back in my PhD program mainly. I didn't think I'd have the time.

Now it's become clear that I have to make the time. I need to grab a hold of something that's for me... the me before life swept me away. I'm not looking for an escape. I'm looking for a little wedge to help fill out the Trivial Pursuit piece that is my life now. Balance is a good and healthy thing.

So, here I go - I'm going to train for the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes boot camp in January. Follow along, if you'd like. Now, what should my Derby name be....?